Cpl Edward Chin from New York of the 3rd battalion, 4th Marines regiment, set up the star and stripes flag on the face of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's statue  before to tear down it,  in downtown Bagdad, Wednesday, April 9, 2003. (AP Photo/Laurent Rebours)

Recent Discussion in Berlin: Democracy Promotion – What is it about?

Discussing World Politics invited all to its first discussion held in English in Berlin.

 to discuss the (un)efficiency, nature and purpose of Western efforts of promoting democracy in the world. 

When?: 13. June 2017, 7 pm- 9pm

Where?: Common Ground, Rosenthaler Str. 1, 10119 Berlin

The subject of democracy promotion has become an increasingly controversial topic – closely associated with a Western approach. For many, the topic raises suspicion and questions about ulterior motives behind the effort to bring justice, liberty and freedom to other societies. The idea of promoting democracy is most closely interwoven with US history and foreign policy. It featured in US efforts to reshape Europe after WWII or supported independence movements from colonialism, but also during the Bush Administration’s intervention in Iraq. Democracy promotion gained significant ground as a response to the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall, increasing European integration, democratization movements in Africa, Latin America and Asia. The idea of democracy, although increasingly contested, has still universal appeal.

We want to invite experts and laymen to discuss together what democracy promotion is about, what its purpose is, how it works and whether it works.

Our two designated experts gave a short inside on their perspective before the discussion was opened to everyone:

  • Until 2013 Dmitry Nurumov was Special Advisor to OSCE (High Commissioner on National Minorities in The Haage). Since then he engaged in various development projects with the World Bank, the European Commission and the European Council in the Human Rights and Rule of Law sector in Central Asia, Russia, Georgia and Ukraine. Dmitry is Director of the Legal Policy Research Center in Almaty, Kazakhstan as well as Director of the legal consulting company Revanta based in The Hague. 


  • Dr. Nicole Renvert is Associate Fellow with the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) as well as Non-Resident Fellow at the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) in Washington D.C. Nicole Renvert worked with the World Bank, the OSCE, the Aspen Institute, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and several private sector foundations. She focuses on transatlantic relations, reconciliation processes after conflicts and on the analysis of think tanks, foundations and NGOs.


As usual, the discussion was open to everyone and free of charge.

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